Welcoming in the new year

New Year’s Eve 2017 I camped outside at Sacramento Riverbend, hoping to watch the super moon rise over the oak trees and to not sit alone in the house as my husband is gone to Europe. The forecast was for a night time low of 40F and clear skies, neither of which actually happened. I missed the super moon behind a bank of clouds that held on until dawn, clearing off just in time for a 35F low in the early hours. I swear it rained for the space of a few breaths. Even so, I enjoyed myself.

I camped on the familiar gravel bar at Massacre Flat, finding my way through the deep dusk mostly because I knew where I was going. This was my fourth overnight trip into Riverbend in 2017. This also marked my 28th night sleeping outside, a few nights shy of my goal of 31 and an achievement just the same.

Sleeping outdoors on New Year’s Eve was an important bookend to me, just the way I wanted to end one year and welcome in the next. My theme for 2018 is this: I am open to adventure. Sleeping under the sky seemed the best way to affirm that. And so, to adventure, to nights outside, days on the trail, sharing it all with loved ones and being surprised.

My wish for 2018 is that each of us is filled with the things that bring us joy, that fill us with wonder.