Layout and Design services

Services to help you tell your story

I’m Renee Casterline, storyteller, author and designer. I offer services to help non-profits, community organizations and creative projects put their stories into the world to inspire action and connection. I’d love to help you build content that serves your work, whether it’s designing your annual report or newsletter, writing material for your website or laying out your journal or magazine.

Small organizations and businesses have to do so much – let me help you by offering my skills and experience in layout, design and writing so that you don’t have to learn how to do one more thing. Take a look at my recent products and get in touch with me to talk about the products you’d like to create to tell your story.

Storytelling your way

What you can expect working with me

  • Terrific client care by way of clear communication and timely responses to your deadlines and needs
  • Professionally designed products using the Adobe Creative Cloud products
  • Experience working with small organizations, often run by volunteers or very staff
  • A commitment to creating the materials you need that suit your organization’s mission and image in the community