Renee Casterline lives in Mt. Shasta in far northern California, just miles away from the ranch she grew up on. She shares her home with her husband, Vinnie, their two dogs, which they lovingly call “The Crazies”, and a flock of city chickens.

Adventure is Renee’s primary pursuit – through backpacking, hiking, cross country skiing, cycling, camping, traveling and writing. There are more maps in the house than shoes (by far). Their collection of sleeping bags, camp stoves and backcountry coffee makers far exceeds any efforts made towards planning for retirement.

Looking back, Renee’s life path is a twisted, full of adventure and unusual undertakings, which suits her well, since straight lines aren’t part of her personal make up. She has published stories about local adventure and recreation in several magazines and is the author of Mt. Shasta Reflections.

Renee is the executive director at Siskiyou Land Trust, working to support land conservation, community projects and partnerships and outdoor education.

In her personal time she’s always planning the next adventure, walking the dogs, writing and conspiring with her husband to lead a non-conforming life.