The land of this Ireland

Hiking the Howth’s Head trail.

We got out to see some Irish country side today with a walk in the rain and fog on Howth’s Head not far outside of Dublin. This was our second day out on the peninsula and we’re starting to learn our way around, which feels nice. Sadly, we’ll be leaving it tomorrow morning to head back to Dublin Airport. We knew that three days in Ireland was unfair – to both Ireland and us, but we chose to squeeze it in anyway.

So today we did the cliff walk on Howth’s Head down to Baily Lighthouse. The path was muddy and rocky and blessedly empty on our way out. The summit of Howth’s Head rose above us, lost in the fog and the shoreline dropped away. Seagulls whirled below us, often settling on the rock face below the trail.

As we walked I got to practice being Here. The Patty Perfect Planner tape in my mind was running a to do list in preparation for flying to the continent tomorrow, so I had to keep coming back to Here. This muddy track on the east coast of Ireland. The prickly gorse just starting to put on its yellow blossoms and fully decked out in spikes. The various grays of the sea, the sky, the clouds. Here.

Then Patty would come back at me with yet another detail – I wonder if there is a laundry room at the hostel in Prague?  And so, I’d begin again: breathing in the spring air, feeling the mud squish up around my shoes, taking in the dulled green of an early spring. For a few heartbeats, for a few moments at a time, I got to be Here in the land of this Ireland. It’s a gift I’m so grateful for, especially on this short first visit.

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